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Prevention matters

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage is very unpredictable and usually leaves the customer with costly repairs. While many homes and buildings are protected against fire damage by installing fire alarms and detectors, only few have protected their properties against water damage. What makes it worse is that water damage, oftentimes, is unrecognizable until the damage caused is already huge. The best way to prevent water damage and costly repair services, it is important to protect yourself, your home, and your business against it by following the tips below.

  • Perform regular inspections and maintenance on your plumbing systems
  • Repair and protect your home or building’s exterior

  • Winterize any exterior water shutoff valves each winter to protect from frozen pipes.

Finally, in case water has penetrated your home, the best option to take is to call a professional water damage repair services to minimize the damage caused. SERVPRO of East Louisville has professional tools and water extraction systems that can quickly remove water inside your home or building and prevent the damage from spreading.

Disaster Restoration - Esporta Wash System

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of East Louisville has an Esporta Wash System?

What does this mean for you?  SERVPRO of East Louisville is capable of decontaminating soft contents from all categories of losses; including sewage, mold and can restore  damage caused by smoke and soot from a fire.  The decontamination efficacy of the Esporta Wash System (this means how well it removes the contaminants) has been validated by numerous third party laboratory tests performed by leading hygienists, universities, and industry consultants. 

Insurance professionals who select soft contents restoration through Esporta Certified Operators benefit from having delighted policyholders, faster and simpler claim settlements, and more accurate claim settlement costs.

This also means that more contents can be restored instead of replaced.  Many items in a home are irreplaceable and SERVPRO of East Louisville has the right tools and staff to make sure as many contents are restored!

Contact us today to learn more about the Esporta Wash System. 502-244-7985

Here to Help

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

If you've ever wondered how a company such as SERVPRO can tackle a large loss job like the dormitory sprinkler head burst recently at the University of Louisville then look no further.  

This amazing marketing representative, Kathy Dreyer, has been working 14 of the last 16 days helping at the large loss water job we are mitigating at the University of Louisville. We couldn’t do it without amazing employees like her! Thanks to all of our staff for pitching in and doing what is needed to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Kathy, and the other marketing representatives, stepped up to assist any way they could to get the mitigation process finished.  Just because Kathy works in the marketing department doesn't mean she's afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work!  

If you find yourself in need of emergency services know that SERPVRO of East Louisville has employees who take pride in all aspects of the company, and are willing to do whatever possible to make sure the customer gets the best service!

Commercial Water Damage - University of Louisville

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

When the call came in from the University of Louisville dormitory about a frozen water pipe that burst on the 4th floor we knew it was important to get there right away to start mitigating the problem.  The first crews on the scene located the source of the water damage and made sure the stop any further damage to the facility.

Once the water was stopped our crews began working right away to pack out the contents of the affected dormitory rooms with the help of a moving company. All of the personal items and furniture had to be removed from the rooms in order to start the demo of the floors, baseboards, and affected drywall.

Once the rooms were ready our demo crews started working to remove all of the necessary flooring, baseboards, and drywall to start the drying process.  Dehumidifiers and air movers were set, along with a desiccant to dry the massive building. We are working around the clock to be sure the facility is up and running as quickly and safely as possible for the students who need to return to campus.  

Squish, Squish, Squish!

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Squish, Squish, Squish! The customer walked into the house and across their wet carpet and all that they could hear  was the squishing noise with every single step.

The first thing SERVPRO did upon arrival was to assess the damage and discover the source of the water.

Once we found the source from where the water had come from, and was able to stop the leak by turning the water off, it was time to start mitigating the damage.

The customer new to call SERVPRO of East Louisville to get to work right away to remove the excess water and start drying out their home.

The crews at SERVPRO of East Louisville are professional and precise throughout the entire job process. After the job was completed and the crews left, the customer finally realized the meaning of "Like it never even happened."

Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

On August 6th 2020, the SERVPRO Storm Team at SERVPRO of East Louisville went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for hurricane Isaias. Isaias was category 2 storm and in Philadelphia there was more flood damage than any other type of damage.

Flood damage means the SERVPRO teams would start by assessing the damage and see if the walls, carpet, hardwood floors, or anything else is reading wet with a moisture meter. The team would either tear out the damaged materials, or  they dry them in place.

Storm is a great opportunity to travel the United States and to help people that need it most. In Philadelphia there was a church that was the biggest job we had down there it was called Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church. They were the nicest people we have ever met and even though we were away from home they made it feel like we were a little bit closer to home.

Large Loss Water Damage

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of East Louisville can handle any size water loss.  Our crews treat each customer with the same respect and sense of urgency regardless how large or small of a loss. 

We have the manpower and equipment to handle large commercial losses such as a 17 story commercial water loss in Downtown Louisville due to a water heater leak that went undetected for an extended period of time.  We have also worked with on a multi floor hotel water loss due to a sprinkler malfunction.  

The University of Louisville has trusted SERVPRO of East Louisville multiple times to clean up dormitories following water loss, and several classroom buildings after flash flood waters entered.

We are the leaders in the industry and take pride in the word we do and the people we employee.  Our team knows that any damage to your home or commercial property is very important and we will explain each step of the process to keep you informed.

Storm Team Franchise of the Year

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of East Louisville is proud to announce that we have been named Storm Team Franchise of the Year from SERVPRO Corporate.  We are proud of the work we have done this year, and in year's past, on Storm Team.  Our crews have stepped up and traveled for many weeks at a time to assist in the cleanup and restoration following all of the hurricane storms in 2020.  

This year our franchise has responded to the following storms:

May: Chicago (Flash Flooding after multiple days in a row of record rainfall)

July: Philadelphia (Tropical Storm Fay)

August-Current: Lake Charles (Hurricane Laura)

Below is a review from a happy customer following Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles.

"Our home was affected by Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta and this SERVPRO team came to our rescue. Their manager Rhett was easy to not only get a hold of, but quick to respond to any questions or assistance we needed. The on-site manager Jared was wonderful as well. Jared and the job foreman Zach took the time to explain the process and answer any questions I had. Which admittedly I had a lot of questions. I appreciated their team's patience with me. SERVPRO's team of Braxton, Jordan and Tony were also extremely friendly and professional. I have and will continue to recommend this SERVPRO crew to others."

Jessica Hardesty

Storm Team finds refuge in an unlikely place

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

There are still good people in the world!  This is something we constantly need to remind ourselves of during the craziness of 2020.  When our owner, Jason Wilson, spoke to our team of production workers about going on Storm Team following Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, La there was no hesitation!  Our team of production crew chiefs and technicians rose to the call for help and headed to Louisiana immediately to begin relief efforts.  

Upon arrival our crews were assigned to a job for a kind woman who needed our help.  What was most astonishing is this kind woman decided to help our crews as well.  As you might not be aware of, it is nearly impossible to find shelter following a hurricane.  Our crews did not have a place to stay due to the fact that most displaced people were already filling the hotels.  This kind woman took us in and gave us a warm place to sleep and hot meals to eat.  

Showing kindness in the midst of her own tragedy following the hurricane is something our crews will never forget.  

Water damage at a school in Indiana

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

When a water damage occurred at this Floyd County school in southern Indiana they knew exactly who to call to get the situation fixed and the school ready for as safely and quickly as possible.  

At SERVPRO of East Louisville our crews reacted quickly to extract the water from the surface, remove affected trim, baseboards, doorframes, and any other surface trapping water and preventing the drying process.  Air movers were placed along the outside perimeter of the room. After the floor was prepped the plastic tenting was installed over the floor and a desiccant was attached to dry out the wood flooring to prevent any further damage.  It is always our goal to restore and save instead of replace when possible.  This saves the customer time and money!

Our reconstruction crew will begin putting back the finishes once the structure is completely dried out.