Water Damage Photo Gallery

Prevent Further Water Damage with an ERP

An ERP (Emergency Ready Plan) can help prevent additional water damage in the event of a leak.  The ERP will give your employees access to the information about where to locate shut off valves.  Knowledge is power.  Call us today to schedule a a complimentary ERP for your business.

Massive water damage

A busted water pipe in the second floor of this home did massive amounts of damage to the entire first floor and basement.  Almost all of the drywall and flooring had to be removed.

Dirty Water Cleanup

Not all water is clean water and that's why it's so important to call in the professionals at SERVPRO of East Louisville.  There's more involved when cleaning up contaminated water.  

Water Damage

There's no job too big or too small for the professionals at SERVPRO of East Louisville.  Our crews went to work quickly after this water damage caused lots of water and mud to back up into the building.  

Water Damage

This water damage occurred in a home where a pipe leaked into a wall. The affected carpet and pad had to be removed. A bench on the property had to be demoed. Removed baseboards to allow for airflow to dry out the structure and prevent mold damage.

Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of East Louisville prides itself in the quality of our work.  This was a large loss water damage that caused widespread damage to a property.  Our team moved in quickly to begin removing the water and drying out the structure.